Our Partner Representation Practice

If you are a partner considering a move or a firm seeking to grow laterally, there are many reasons why you should be talking to us.

We have a market-leading Partner team with experience at all levels of partner recruitment. Our long-standing relationships with Managing Partners, Senior Partners, Heads of Department, HR Directors and Finance Directors enable us to deal directly with the decision makers on your behalf. As a result of these relationships, we are frequently briefed on partner positions that are not known about in the wider market and we also have an understanding of the key personalities at the senior level to enable us to effect the right cultural fit.

Whether leading City, US, mid tier or smaller boutique practice, we are aware of the firms with strong management, a clear strategy and a positive working environment; those with real potential and those where perception sometimes differs from reality. We can provide information on matters such as remuneration structures, departmental/team composition, firm client base, panel memberships and retirement policies.

Our coverage spans the London market, along with Asia Pacific, where we represent partners, teams and senior lawyers across a range of disciplines and jurisdictions.


Portable Followings and Business Plan preparation

In the vast majority of cases, a following will be required for a lateral partner. The emphasis on following may be influenced by the reason behind the hire and in certain circumstances the need may even be bypassed. In essence, however, a firm looking to make a lateral hire appointment is seeking comfort that the partner will make a positive contribution to the firm's practice and drive it forward. Whilst there is often a natural tendency to shy away from committing to a specific following, a track record of consistent business generation and evidence of a portable or potential client base need to be demonstrated.

A business plan will play a crucial part in most partner appointments. We will critically assess the business case on behalf of our clients.


Considering a Move

We fully understand the reasons that lead a partner to contact us. Those we most commonly encounter include:

  • Change of direction within the firm
  • Growth of the firm and change in culture
  • Client conflicts
  • Partner's client base needing a better platform
  • Firm outgrowing partner's client base
  • Partner's practice area no longer core to the firm
  • Conflicting management styles and other management issues
  • Lack of international reach
  • Poor cross-selling culture
  • Poor profitability
  • Dissatisfaction with compensation structure
  • Feeling undervalued / not being given equity
  • Economic reasons / redundancy

Whatever your reasons, the priority is to find the best home we can for you and your practice. However, our role is not limited to finding you the right firm: we are more than happy just to talk through your issues and options, and to give you objective advice – all in complete confidence.